New Software Release - Kingston

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This released was headlined with the Meebo platform integration. This integration allows meebo users to create instant talkcasts right from within any meebo IM session. These instant talkcasts are similar to conferance calls which allow you to select people from your meebo buddy list and invite them to call in and talk. This all happens on meebo’s website with no download. See below for screen shot. For more information see the meebo blog meebo blog or the TalkShoe Blog

Streaming directly to the TalkShoe widget player. The TalkShoe widget player (AKA Badge) now will play the live stream directly. This means listeners no longer have to click though to listen, they can just stay right on the blog or website. This feature also includes improved sound quality for the live stream.

TalkShoe widget player listed directly on the talkcast page. This make it easier for people to get and share the widget player by just clicking on it from the Talkcast page. People can still click the “More Badges” link to configure the widget player or get static badges.

Profiles. All TalkShoe members now can add avatars (pictures) to their profile along with more detailed information about themselves. This information can be added by going to myTalkShoe and clicking on the profile and avatar links. Members can also click on “View your profile” link on the profile page to see what the profile looks like to other people.

Follow a show. TalkShoe members can keep track of their favorite shows by “following” them. This creates a link for that show as well as puts their profile image on that specific Talkcast so others can see who is following that show. Members can also see which shows they follow by going to their myTalkShoe and myTalkcasts links. This feature will continue to be enhanced to let people get notified when shows you follow are live.

New API calls:
* getChatComments?episodeId= - This returns a list of Chat objects that you describe below.
* getCategories - returns a list of Strings representing the categories
* getTalkcastsByCategory?category= - returns a list of Talkcast objects for the given category

Other Improvements:
* Display search request with the results
* Require a PIN to use ShoePhone
* Change EX logo to EL for Explicit Talkcasts
* Make sure ShoePhone disconnects as soon as a host terminates a call


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