Lee Douglas — 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll

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 Lee Douglas – 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll

Fifteen months ago, Lee Douglas began to translate his love for the music of the 50’s and 60’s lovingly called Oldies, into a new medium, the pod cast. Together with the folks at Talkshoe.com, he began his venture into the new medium. Just retired from teaching he decided to turn in his chalk for a microphone.

His new show, which he called “Old Time Rock n Roll, would be different in the way it was presented. The usual play lists that are the hallmark of the Oldies AM radio stations were out the window. His own collection of 30,000 songs would be digitized onto his computer to lay the groundwork for the show. Instead of playing those songs which the oldies lovers had grown tired of, he opened his collection and played the songs that haven’t been heard for many years. Then he would have a spotlight for each show, Novelties on one, doo wops on another, rockabilly on yet another. Each show replete with a dose of rock history and reminiscences

He researches each singer and each song to provide background for each show. So in November 2006, he went on the air on talkshoe.com. The first week he had 8 listeners. Obviously his friends had at least listened. By the third week he managed 80 listeners, still quite a jump. However, he was unprepared for the next week when out of nowhere 800 people listened in.

One month later the 800 listeners grew to 3,000 and by January 2007 he had garnered a listener ship of 25,000. Now in January 2008 Lee celebrated his 100th show. Just two months ago he celebrated his One Year anniversary with Talkshoe.com. The culmination of the celebration is his live broadcast at Cypress Gardens. Recorded live at the first Theme Park in the country at a “Doo Wop Concert”, the show features some great legends of the past. Now with the addition of interviews with some of the old time rock n roll greats Old Time Rock n Roll zooms into 2008. This broadcast begins on Talkshoe on January 9th. His reverence to the music and the stars is also most clear in his New Years show where he paid homage to all the singers and musical performers who died during 2007. Lee now has 3 shows running on Talkshoe.com including OTRNR he also has One Mans Opinion and the most unusual wrestling talk show around called Wrestling Wrap. In fact Wrestling Wrap could be the longest running Internet radio broadcast, which began in March of 2002. But his main focus as always is the music he loves and grew up with, Old Time Rock n Roll. “Hail, Hail Rock n Roll”.


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