TalkShoe System - Enhanced Performance

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During the past few weeks, the TalkShoe team has implemented a variety of improvements to increase our system performance and reliability including:

Doubled number of chat servers - The TalkShoe chat infrastructure which powers the TalkShoe Live and TalkShoe Live Pro clients was powered by 16 chat servers. That number was increased in two stages, first to 22 chat servers and then 32 total chat servers.

Enhanced Jabber protocol - The open source chat protocol used by TalkShoe, meebo, and other leading companies contains at least one significant bug. The TalkShoe technical team recently identified, isolated, and repaired that bug. TalkShoe put the modified code into production during the past two weeks and is seeing a dramatic reduction in TalkShoe Live Web client issues. Still, for hosts who want the very best performance, we recommend using TalkShoe Live Pro (still free) which does not utilize Jabber. Download and install TalkShoe Live Pro here: TSL Pro.

More reliable voice over IP (VoIP) - Working closely with our audio conferencing bridge vendor, we identified two significant bugs in our VoIP technology that could cause the system to crash under certain types of attacks or other atypical situations. We developed and deployed fixes and have seen flawless performance so far this month.

Protected audio streaming - Again working closely with our audio conferencing bridge vendor, we implemented protection for outbound audio streaming to the TalkShoe Live and TalkShoe Live Pro chat clients. Previously, outbound audio streaming could be disrupted by an overload of inbound VoIP call or by an intentional attack. The live audio streaming system is now protected during such events.

In combination, these major upgrades and numerous smaller enhancements greatly improve TalkShoe service performance. Keep the suggestions for further system improvements coming. We use your reports and recommendations to guide TalkShoe’s system evolution.


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