New Recordings Service

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Recently we experienced a system failure that affected the processing and delivery of our MP3 files. All content from July 25th until the present has been restored. We are starting to process the older recordings today and they should be completely restored soon. The failure has prompted us to implement improvements in the way we process, deliver, and backup recordings. Here is what we are in the process of doing:

  1. We are moving all of the recordings to an eternal direct attached storage (DAS) unit. This unit has built in fault tolerance, is designed for heavy read/write access, and can be attached to any computer on our system. If the computer hosting the DAS unit fails, we can move it to another computer within minutes.
  2. While we do backup all recorded content in triplicate, we’ve discovered that our restoration process is very slow. We are in the process of implementing a new backup procedure. One of the three copies will be copied to a “hot” back up unit. If the original unit fails for any reason and cannot be restored, we can move the hot backup unit into production within an hour.
  3. We are changing the way we process our recorded content. Currently, we process all content serially. In other words, if 20 files are waiting to be processed, all 20 files must be processed before a single one gets posted to the internet. Early next week, we will have a new process in place that will process files in parallel. Smaller files will be processed very quickly without having to wait behind large files that take a long time to process.

With these changes, if we experience the same system failure, we will be back online again within minutes, with ALL content restored.

The New TalkShoe - a message from the CEO

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A message from the CEO - Dave NelsenI’m extremely excited to tell you about our new release. We’ve de it much easier for you and your online friends and communities to all TALK together. How much easier you say?Now there’s no need to sign-up or download, so EVEN NON-MEMBERS can call in to talk or text chat with JUST ONE CLICK.Imagine deeper group connections with up to 250 people on phones and computers talking, text chatting, and listening. We’ve also made it a lot easier to start your own show to voice your ideas and interact with listeners. Click here to get started: And be sure to return every evening after 7:00 PM when the site starts seriously shaking — there’s more live interaction than ever! You can get to the new TalkShoe Live web version by going to the profile page of any live call and clicking the button labeled TalkShoe Web (NOTE: you can get to the profile page by clicking on the show title text on any listing).

Dave Nelsen - Founder

P.S. - And now firewalls can’t block your communication so you can even use TalkShoe at work.

New TalkShoe Release. No Download Required!

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Today (Jan 8th 2008) TalkShoe released a new version of software highlighted with a Web Based version of TalkShoe live. This new client (see below) requires no download and is a one click option from any web browser. The client enables both participates to join in and host to start and run their calls. Guest do not even have to register to join in the chat or call in on the phone. The download version is still available for use of ShoePhone and more robust chat. See below for other key new features.

New TalkShoe Live (web based)

New Home page: now has a new look home page. The page has a much simpler look and contains up to 10 live calls that hosts have dialed into. The call images are larger and provide a one click option to launch into TalkShoe Live.

New Home page

Automatic Recording: TalkShoe now allows you to setup your call to be automatically recorded when you dial in. This means the recording will start as soon as you call in and will end when you hang up. You can set the recording type on the creation or update of your call (see image below). By default the recording type is sent to manual, which will allow the host to start and stop the recording using the TalkShoe live web client or classic.

Auto Record feature

Simpler Create Flow: The Create button now takes hosts to a simpler screen that they can either create a new call or add episodes to existing calls they have already created. This can all be done from one screen now. The flow is simpler as well, so hosts can just set a few options and click “Start Now” to be up and running. No need to go to any schedule or invite screens. The advance options are hidden to make it easier for first time users.

Other Features Include:
Improved reliability
Improved forum at
Expanded Scale (have more people join your call, up to 250 at one time)
Guest login for chat. No need to have people sign up to chat or call in
Un-categorized call. No need to setup your call as a podcast
Much much more….

How do I use TalkShoe?

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Now TalkShoe is easier than ever with the new WEB-BASED (no download) TalkShoe Live. Just click on a Live Call and you’re in. You can be a Guest user, or sign-up with TalkShoe and get a full profile, create your own Community Calls, etc.

It you want to use the full “classic” feature set, continue reading…

TalkShoe was developed to fulfill the needs of many different types of users. In order to learn how to use TalkShoe, you should first select one of the follower user categories:


TalkShoe revolves around the concept of a Community Call. A Call can be a simple talk, conversation, discussion, interactive podcast, or broadcast. Live Call can also be recorded as podcasts, and be listened to later on your blogs, MySpace, Facebook, iTunes, etc.

Read lots more DETAILS –

TalkShoe Partners with Meebo

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(How to use TalkShoe on meebo, click here)

Meebo to Offer Live Group Voice Calling with Instant Messaging via the meebo Platform

(press contact at end of release)

Pittsburgh, October 30, 2007 - TalkShoe, the leader in Internet group voice conversations, discussions and live interactive podcasts, today announced a partnership with meebo, a leading website for instant messaging (IM).

meebo simultaneously announced the meebo Platform, a way to let developers integrate multi-user applications to connect users live with their friends. The first set of platform applications are Web-based communications applications including instant group voice calling from TalkShoe.

“TalkShoe’s live discussion and voice group calling application fits great into the meebo environment because it’s built to connect people with live voice communications,” said Dave Nelsen, President and CEO, TalkShoe. “The meebo Platform enables us to bring that capability to millions of people instantly.”

Read more of TalkShoe Partners with Meebo…

New TalkShoe Release - Kingston

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This released was headlined with the Meebo platform integration. This integration allows meebo users to create instant talkcasts right from within any meebo IM session. These instant talkcasts are similar to conferance calls which allow you to select people from your meebo buddy list and invite them to call in and talk. This all happens on meebo’s website with no download. See below for screen shot. For more information see the meebo blog meebo blog or the TalkShoe Blog

Read more of New TalkShoe Release - Kingston…

TalkShoe & Dave Nelsen Featured on WTAE-TV

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Dave Nelsen, TalkShoe’s CEO, is featured on an interview with WTAE-TV.

“Plugged In: Ditch the Keyboard for Audio Blogging”   

Watch the video.

Get a badge WIDGET for any Talkcast on your Blog, website, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

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TalkShoe now has lots of badge widgets available for you. What’s a widget? It’s a small “player” for any Talkcast - not just your Talkcasts. The widget lists all previously recorded shows, upcoming shows, and highlights when a Talkcast is LIVE. It’s one of the best possible ways to get your, or anyone else’s Talkcast listened to, and increase Live participation.

Go to ANY Talkcast page and click on “Create a Badge”. It’s really easy. You can add widgets to your Blogs, websites, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Google, etc. etc. Why not create one right now!

List of Must Have Widgets

SHOEPHONE => quick, easy, unlimited, FREE calling. Built right into TalkShoe Live

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[NOTE: how do you sign up? You don’t. Just become a TalkShoe member. ShoePhone is built right into TalkShoe Live. It’s that easy.]

TalkShoe today announced the general availability of ShoePhone, an easy to use service for unlimited group calling with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Up to 250 people can participate in a live call. ShoePhone is tightly integrated with TalkShoe Live. ShoePhone is Free to use. ShoePhone uses voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to create calls. However, unlike other VoIP services, ShoePhone users can connect with other ShoePhone users as well as to people using standard telephones, mobile phones, other VoIP services such as Skype, and 3rd party VoIP clients such as SJphone and Gizmo. This is because ShoePhone is based on a telco-grade conferencing system unlike other server-based VoIP-only services which have limited conferencing capabilities. Read the Full Press Release. 

NOTE again: there’s nothing for you to do - just go into TalkShoe Live and Connect - it’s that easy.

Podcast & New Media Expo LIVE continuous Talkcast. Sept 28-30

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TalkShoe will be exhibiting and attending the Podcast & New Media Expo, Sept 28-30 in Ontario, CA (near Los Angeles). We’re going to be holding a continuous live podcast (Click here for information) from the show floor. Come join us (and special guest iJustine) Live… and if you’re at the show, we’re in booth #415