FREE TRAINING CLASS FOR NEW & PROSPECTIVE HOSTS - April 22nd - One 2 Hour Session - Click for details - Sign-up Now to Reserve a Spot

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Have you ever considered Hosting your own Show on TalkShoe? NOW is the time to start!

SIGN UP NOW to attend the new FREE training program “TalkShoe Basic Training for New & Prospective Hosts”! (Advanced registration is required even though it’s free - just send and email to

This free training program is conducted by the leading experts on the TalkShoe User Support Team. Now the program consists of a new format - one session lasting 2 hours to be held:

Thursday April 22 at 7 to 9pm EDST

Each session will consist of prepared material covering key topics of interest to New and Prospective TalkShoe Hosts. Periodically throughout the session the participants will be given an opportunity to ask questions. The material covered is basic and appropriate for individuals who are interested in becoming Show Hosts. Our philosophy is that no question is too simple!

Topics covered include:
” Using TalkShoe as a listener
” Setting up your Hosting Account
” Scheduling your First Episode
” Controlling your Show/Call from your Phone
” How to End/Terminate your Show/Call
” How to Handle Disturbances and Disruptive Participants
” Broadcast Techniques - How to Conduct a Show in a Professional Manner
” Interview Techniques
” Best Practice Do’s and Don’ts
” Where to Go for More Help - Hosting Resources
” Availability of Advanced Premium Training

Individuals interested in attending must register by sending an email indicating their interest to: Include an indication of your level of experience. You will receive additional information regarding the training, including how to connect to the sessions.

This training was created in response to user requests.


Come join the FUN - Become a Host Today!!!


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ATTENTION HOSTS - Beta Program for Direct Dial Phone Numbers (Eliminates need for Participants to enter Call ID & PIN)

Show Hosts can now obtain a unique Direct Dial Phone Number which will enable callers to their Show to be connected directly into the Show without entering a Call ID or Personal Identification Number (PIN)! This capability has been developed at the request of members of the TalkShoe User Community.

This is new capability is now being offered to Show Hosts under a Beta Program. There are a limited number of Direct Dial Phone Numbers available under the Beta Program. Numbers will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Once a Direct Dial Number is assigned to a Show it will remain associated with that Show as long as the subscription and program are maintained. The price is $24 per month payable through PayPal. The subscription to the Direct Dial Phone Number capability is on a month-to-month basis. No long term commitment to continue with the subscription is required. The Direct Dial Phone Number capability works with both public and private (unlisted) Calls.

HOW IT WORKS - When a participant calls a Show’s Direct Dial Phone Number while the Show is live, the participant will be connected directly into the Show without being prompted for Call ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN). If the participant is calling from a phone with caller id activated and that phone number is previously registered with a User Id in the TalkShoe system, the participant will be logged in and registered in the chat room etc. under that User Id. If caller id is not activated or the participant is calling from a phone that is not associated with a TalkShoe User Id, they will be registered as a Guest (just as if they pressed 1# when calling in to the main TalkShoe phone number). If the Direct Dial Phone Number is dialed when the Show is not Live, the caller will hear the normal TalkShoe prompt requesting that they enter a Call Id (for a currently Live Show). Direct Dial Phone Numbers can be associated with one Call ID or as many as five Call IDs. There is no initial setup charge for a Direct Dial Phone Number and at that time, one to five Call IDs can be specified. After the initial setup, each request to add or remove Call IDs from association with a Direct Dial Number requires payment of $10 maintenance fee.

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE - For further information regarding the process to subscribe, send an email message to:

UPDATE: Mon Oct 11, 2009 2:58 pm EDST – SYSTEM FULLY FUNCTIONAL – click here for details

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The TalkShoe System is again functioning at 100%.

The hardware which is responsible for both providing prompts to callers connecting by phone and for creating recordings of shows has been successfully replaced.

If you experience any problems, please send an email to - Thank you for your patience regarding this matter. We appologize for any inconvenience!

The TalkShoe Technical Team

TalkShoe System - Enhanced Performance

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During the past few weeks, the TalkShoe team has implemented a variety of improvements to increase our system performance and reliability including:

Doubled number of chat servers - The TalkShoe chat infrastructure which powers the TalkShoe Live and TalkShoe Live Pro clients was powered by 16 chat servers. That number was increased in two stages, first to 22 chat servers and then 32 total chat servers.

Enhanced Jabber protocol - The open source chat protocol used by TalkShoe, meebo, and other leading companies contains at least one significant bug. The TalkShoe technical team recently identified, isolated, and repaired that bug. TalkShoe put the modified code into production during the past two weeks and is seeing a dramatic reduction in TalkShoe Live Web client issues. Still, for hosts who want the very best performance, we recommend using TalkShoe Live Pro (still free) which does not utilize Jabber. Download and install TalkShoe Live Pro here: TSL Pro.

More reliable voice over IP (VoIP) - Working closely with our audio conferencing bridge vendor, we identified two significant bugs in our VoIP technology that could cause the system to crash under certain types of attacks or other atypical situations. We developed and deployed fixes and have seen flawless performance so far this month.

Protected audio streaming - Again working closely with our audio conferencing bridge vendor, we implemented protection for outbound audio streaming to the TalkShoe Live and TalkShoe Live Pro chat clients. Previously, outbound audio streaming could be disrupted by an overload of inbound VoIP call or by an intentional attack. The live audio streaming system is now protected during such events.

In combination, these major upgrades and numerous smaller enhancements greatly improve TalkShoe service performance. Keep the suggestions for further system improvements coming. We use your reports and recommendations to guide TalkShoe’s system evolution.

April 2009 - TalkShoe System Status

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There are no reports of significant system problems. There are no major or minor known issues.

To report major system problems, call our Technical Support line at 724-935-8265. For smaller issues and how to questions, please click on Help and describe your issue.

To get text updates about TalkShoe System Status on your cell phone, go to and click “Follow”. You’ll be first to know when we’re experiencing system issues, and the first to know when they clear.

Update on TalkShoe’s Newest Release

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With our new release on June 19th, we’ve made several important changes:

1) We’ve discontinued our unpopular outsourced telephone answering service. Too many people told me that they didn’t like talking to nimrods reading scripts who knew nothing about the actual TalkShoe service. So now when you call support at 724-935-8265, you may have to leave a message if you don’t reach us live, but you’ll know that if nobody else picks it up, I will be notified within minutes.

Keep in mind that if it’s not a system-down issue, you should use our People-Powered Customer Support at (or click the “Help” link from any webpage).

2) We’ve equipped our support staff with a new audio streaming restoration capability to fix streaming issues on the fly. We plan to put this capability directly into hosts’ hands in an upcoming release. Separately, we’re working to improve our audio streaming system so that it will be much more reliable.

3) We’ve fixed a server deadlock problem that’s caused two significant outages in the last month. Unfortunately, we’ve subsequently discovered a new one, which has already caused one outage (Wednesday afternoon, 6/25/08). That one will be fixed in the next week.

4) By popular demand, we’ve restored the monthly reports that were disabled when we paused the TalkCash revenue sharing program. This allows you to view your stats on a monthly basis, even though earnings are zero.

5) Even though it’s a new feature from last release, don’t forget to tell your callers to use *8 (*T) to request to talk.

TalkShoe Community Calling is up from May to June to new record levels. Against a backdrop of a few hosts being unhappy with the pausing of our TalkCash program, this is very encouraging. I personally thank you.

New Recordings Service

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Recently we experienced a system failure that affected the processing and delivery of our MP3 files. All content from July 25th until the present has been restored. We are starting to process the older recordings today and they should be completely restored soon. The failure has prompted us to implement improvements in the way we process, deliver, and backup recordings. Here is what we are in the process of doing:

  1. We are moving all of the recordings to an eternal direct attached storage (DAS) unit. This unit has built in fault tolerance, is designed for heavy read/write access, and can be attached to any computer on our system. If the computer hosting the DAS unit fails, we can move it to another computer within minutes.
  2. While we do backup all recorded content in triplicate, we’ve discovered that our restoration process is very slow. We are in the process of implementing a new backup procedure. One of the three copies will be copied to a “hot” back up unit. If the original unit fails for any reason and cannot be restored, we can move the hot backup unit into production within an hour.
  3. We are changing the way we process our recorded content. Currently, we process all content serially. In other words, if 20 files are waiting to be processed, all 20 files must be processed before a single one gets posted to the internet. Early next week, we will have a new process in place that will process files in parallel. Smaller files will be processed very quickly without having to wait behind large files that take a long time to process.

With these changes, if we experience the same system failure, we will be back online again within minutes, with ALL content restored.

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