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Will Talkcasts be Talk of the Town

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eWeek: Will Talkcasts be Talk of the Town

“TalkShoe, a small company in Pittsburgh, has created a Web service that allows users to create and join real-time voice conferences that can be extended to thousands of participants using cell phones, regular telephones or VOIP (voice over IP) devices.

Unlike existing Internet conferencing and chat services, TalkShoe’s Talkcasts incorporate both live and recorded telephone-quality voices, are accessible via a full range of phone connection types, integrate voice and chat, and can be made public or private, according to company officials.

The service also is unique in its ability to support thousands of participants who can join, listen to or stream a live Talkcast. In addition, any number of users can download recorded podcasts, said Mark Juliano, senior vice president at TalkShoe”

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TechCrunch - TalkShoe’s Initial Product Launch

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TechCrunch:  TalkShoe - Host Podcasts by Phoe and Gets Paid

TalkShoe is a podcasting service and directory that combines recorded conference calls with revenue sharing for show hosts. It appears to be very simple to use and the community elements make me think this service could be successful…If the world really is changing to put user generated content at the center of media, some body’s going to find the right formula for audio. This looks like a move in the right direction.

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