FREE TRAINING CLASSES FOR NEW & PROSPECTIVE HOSTS - Next Dates: Thursday April 28 & Thursday May 5 - Click for the Details - Register Now to Claim a Spot

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SIGN UP NOW to attend the FREE training program “TalkShoe Basic Training for New & Prospective Hosts”! (Pre-registration is required even though it’s free - just send an email to

This free training program is conducted by the leading experts on the TalkShoe User Support Team. The training program consists of one session lasting 2 hours. This program is offered on the following dates:

Thursday, April 28th: 7pm - 9pm EDT (6pm - 8pm CDT, 5pm - 7pm MDT, 4pm - 6pm PDT, 11pm - 1am GMT)
Thursday, May 5th: 11am - 1pm EDT (10am - Noon CDT, 9am - 11am MDT, 8am - 10am PDT, 3pm - 5pm GMT)
Tuesday, May 10th: 7pm - 9pm EDT (6pm - 8pm CDT, 5pm - 7pm MDT, 4pm - 6pm PDT, 11pm - 1am GMT)
Monday, May 16th: 11am - 1pm EDT (10am - Noon CDT, 9am - 11am MDT, 8am - 10am PDT, 3pm - 5pm GMT)
Thursday, May 26th: 7pm - 9pm EDT (6pm - 8pm CDT, 5pm - 7pm MDT, 4pm - 6pm PDT, 11pm - 1am GMT)

ALSO: Personalized One-on-One TroubleShooting/Training Sessions are available. See further explanation below.

This session will consist of prepared material covering key topics of interest to New and Prospective TalkShoe Hosts. Periodically throughout the session the participants will be given an opportunity to ask questions. The material covered is basic and appropriate for individuals who are interested in becoming Show Hosts. Our philosophy is that no question is too simple!

Topics covered include:
” Using TalkShoe as a listener
” Setting up your Hosting Account
” Scheduling your First Episode
” Controlling your Show/Call from your Phone
” How to End/Terminate your Show/Call
” How to Handle Disturbances and Disruptive Participants
” Broadcast Techniques - How to Conduct a Show in a Professional Manner
” Interview Techniques
” Best Practice Do’s and Don’ts
” Where to Go for More Help - Hosting Resources
” Availability of Advanced Premium Training

Individuals interested in attending must register by sending an email indicating their interest to: Include an indication of your level of experience. Please also include the Date and Time of the session you are requesting to attend. You will receive additional information regarding the training, including how to connect to the sessions.

This training was created in response to user requests.


Come join the FUN - Become a Host Today!!!

NOTE: Personalized One-on-One TroubleShooting/Training Sessions - are sessions where a member of the TalkShoe User Support Team works with you directly over the phone at a mutually agreed upon time to answer specific questions and/or to troubleshoot specific problems. One-on-One sessions are available at the rate of $4.95 for each 15 minutes. If you are interested in purchasing a One-on-One session, please send your request to

Note: Advanced Premium Training (which covers more advanced topics) is also available - click this link for more details:

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TalkShoe Recording Storage Maintenance in Progress - Accessibility May Be Limited

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Key system maintenance is currently being performed on the TalkShoe Recording Storage Infrastructure. While the maintenance process is underway, accessibility to recordings is expected to be periodically limited. Thank you for your support during this time of important system maintenance.
The TalkShoe Technical Team

LIVE NOW - Be a Part of the 24hr “Voipathon - Online Communities Changing the World” - Begins March 26 - click for details

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Voipathon - Broadcast for 24 Hours - Live on TalkShoe under Show ID 22622 - (The “Voip Users Conference” Call) - Begins March 26th at 3am!


The theme of the Voipathon is: “Online Communities Changing the World”.

Voipathon is a simple idea: To unite people from as many parts of the world (and time zones) in a 24 hour long discussion about the Internet, voice over the Internet and how communities can and do use these tools.

We will talk about:
 ways to connect your voices together (including free phone calls)
 ways to get around obstacles to voice connections put in place in some countries
 communities that use the Internet to make the world a better place
 keeping the Internet free of censorship by spreading understanding of the principles of freedom

We will hear from:
 People from all corners of the planet sharing their experiences
 Experienced telephony users who can help you make a connection, free
 Members of communities who are helping improve lives everywhere

Visit the Voipathon web site at:

Mashable Reviews Facebook App

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TalkShoe Upgrades to the Facebook Platform
March 11, 2008 — 05:26 PM PDT — by Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins —

TalkShoe today announced the launch of their Facebook application. As someone who is fairly familiar and a semi-frequent user of the TalkShoe system, I can attest that this is a welcome improvement to the system. This isn’t to say that dealing with the website is in any way unpleasant, as they’ve made a number of usability and aesthetic improvements to the main website lately. On the other hand, TalkShoe, despite extensive partnerships with whitelabel social network Ning, hasn’t seen viral and exponential growth of the service despite employing many viral marketing tactics.

That could change, though, with the deployment of the Facebook application, as it’s very robust in it’s functionality. You just about everything through the Facebook application that you can do through the site. On the user side of things, you can browse, search, and join conference calls and live podcasts. On the host side of things, you can create new episodes and conference call sessions as well as perform episode management tasks.

“The TalkShoe Facebook application lets me add a whole new dimension to my social networks because I can easily and instantly invite both Facebook and non-Facebook users to join my community calls,” said well known lifecaster and avid TalkShoe host iJustine.

TalkShoe’s Facebook App reviewed

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Alive in FACEBOOK, he talks about a topic… and you can REPLY!

Today’s Facebook Review is about the new Application called TalkShoe. What is TalkShoe ?? …you may ask, to what I would reply…. this Application is all you need to communicate in Facebook with all your Friends either through VoIP as well as through your phone or chat. Even more, with this Facebook Application you can create your own podcast and save it to send to your mother, friends, girlfriends, etc….. so let’s get it on with This Facebook Application Review, because that’s the reason you are reading this Facebook Blog.!!!


New Feature: First iPhone, Now Facebook!

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TalkShoe, the community call leader, today revealed a new Facebook application that offers instant community calling capabilities within anyone’s Facebook profile. The TalkShoe Facebook application brings voice into Facebook, providing users with an easy way to talk to their social network.


• Join live calls and view upcoming calls
• Up to 250 people can join and talk all together at once
• Easily invite your Facebook friends
• See what your friends are talking about
• TalkShoe web client built directly into Facebook app
• Chat without leaving Facebook
• Hosts can create public or unlisted community calls
• Hosts can easily manage calls directly in Facebook
• TalkShoe members can follow specific calls
• Auto-login when you enter your phone number
• Member’s easily link to your TalkShoe account
• Easily record calls for later listening
• Anyone can also participate via phone, mobile phone, Skype, or VoIP via


Home Page   Create Page
Home Page
  Create Page
Web Client   Call Listings
Web Client   Call Listings
For more information, read the full press release.

Lee Douglas — 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll

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 Lee Douglas – 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll

Fifteen months ago, Lee Douglas began to translate his love for the music of the 50’s and 60’s lovingly called Oldies, into a new medium, the pod cast. Together with the folks at, he began his venture into the new medium. Just retired from teaching he decided to turn in his chalk for a microphone.

Read more of Lee Douglas — 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll…

TalkShoe Partners with Meebo

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(How to use TalkShoe on meebo, click here)

Meebo to Offer Live Group Voice Calling with Instant Messaging via the meebo Platform

(press contact at end of release)

Pittsburgh, October 30, 2007 - TalkShoe, the leader in Internet group voice conversations, discussions and live interactive podcasts, today announced a partnership with meebo, a leading website for instant messaging (IM).

meebo simultaneously announced the meebo Platform, a way to let developers integrate multi-user applications to connect users live with their friends. The first set of platform applications are Web-based communications applications including instant group voice calling from TalkShoe.

“TalkShoe’s live discussion and voice group calling application fits great into the meebo environment because it’s built to connect people with live voice communications,” said Dave Nelsen, President and CEO, TalkShoe. “The meebo Platform enables us to bring that capability to millions of people instantly.”

Read more of TalkShoe Partners with Meebo…

ZDNet meebo article with TalkShoe

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Meebo joins the season of platforms

Posted by Dan Farber @ 10:00 pm

Wired Blog on meebo and TalkShoe

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meebo Platform Means More Widgets for Online IM

By Scott Gilbertson EmailOctober 30, 2007

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