Old Time Rock n Roll is Back On TalkShoe!!!

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Give a hearty welcome back to host Lee Douglas and his Old Time Rock n Roll show. He was one of the first serious hosts to discover TalkShoe (note his coveted 4-digit call ID) and we’re so pleased to see that after sowing his wild oats for some months he has returned home. His show is one of my personal favorites.

For anyone who has not yet listened in, Lee makes a serious investment in his shows (in both time and money). The music is great and the history is fascinating. A “note” for anyone with similar ambitions: Lee officially licenses his music from ASCAP/BMI (as it must be). If you aspire to do the same, listen to his How To Interview (find Episode 31) done in April 2007.

Again, Lee, welcome back!!!

WANTED: Two People to Become Famous Friends!

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OK, I admit that this idea is a little bit wacky and definitely not for everybody. But it’s amazing what becomes wildly popular in this crazy Facebook-YouTube-Twitter-TalkShoe world, so here goes…

If you have a good friend that you talk with constantly on the phone, we’ll help make both of you famous. How? Just hold every phone call as a public TalkShoe call and we’ll promote it to the world! You need only do what you already do; just talk to each other using TalkShoe. Here’s how:

1) Apply by emailing me at daven@talkshoe.com. Tell me about yourself, about your soon-to-be-famous friend, and about your typical conversations (tip: I like Twitter — keep it short). If you’re chosen, we’ll set up everything for you. Up to 5 pairs of friends will be selected (totally separate and independent). No larger groups will be considered at this time.

2) Pick “stage names” and practice using them (yes, it can be tricky when you’re relaxed). While the world will eavesdrop on your conversations, we won’t reveal your actual identities.

3) From now on, whenever you and your friend want to talk, call into TalkShoe to do it while the world listens along, live and recorded. Yes, your calls will even be available in iTunes! Is that scary or exciting? Don’t apply if it’s the former.

Think about it: if it’s REAL talk, it will be ‘real’ INTERESTING! We all want to learn more about ourselves by learning more about others. And there are so few ways to get true insight into other people these days… other than this one. For those of you born after 1950 (and who wasn’t), there once was something called a party line — not for actual parties but for affordable shared telephone service in rural areas… and great for eavesdropping on your neighbors. Alas, since your grandparents’ time, that’s been lost to the world. Until now; until you!

4) There will be no voice interaction with others; just one-to-one talk as you always do.

5) We’ll help make you famous. Tens of thousands will listen; or maybe millions. Just keep it real… and honest… and you! It will be surprisingly interesting.

Last point: You can be two guys, two gals, or one of each. It can be rated G, or PG, or R, but not more than that. We’ll broadcast you to the world and it won’t scandalize your grandparents. Or maybe it will but just a little…

NEW “On-Demand” Talkcasting

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With the New Year, TalkShoe has launched On Demand Talkcasting®, an enhanced version of the Instant Talkcasting capability released just last month. Thanks to your feedback, now it’s even more like Twittering® with your voice (and optionally, up to 300 friends’ voices too). Grab your cell phone, call into TalkShoe, run your live On Demand Talkcast and — zoom — it’s available to the world. How cool is that?

As before, you can do a movie review as you leave the theater, inform your audience about a breaking news story, or tell your friends about a hot new restaurant while the taste is still on your tongue, and now it’s even easier!

You’ll need a TalkShoe account and an existing Call Series to get started. To configure it for “On Demand” operation, go to the Call Series page (where your recordings are shown):

1) Click the “Update” tab.

2) Check the box labeled “Create Episode on Demand”.

3) Optionally, check the “Automatic” recording choice to have recording start when you connect (and end automatically when you disconnect).

4) Save your changes.

Then you’re set. Just call into TalkShoe normally. Your call will go live automatically each and every time. By the way, you can also control a variety of Talkcasting functions from your phone:

… *2*1 – Starts the recording (if not set for automatic mode)
… 50# - Mute All (except the host)
… 51# - Unmute All
… *6 – Self mute/unmute (works for host and for individual participants)
… *2*1 – Ends recording
… Hang-up – ends audio streaming

Two final tips: a) If you set your PIN to match your cell phone number, you’ll be logged in automatically after entering just your Call ID, and b) If you have your audience opt for text alerts, they’ll receive a text message immediately when you start every On Demand call (have them click the TXT ALRTS - SMASH button on your call page).

Thanks. Keep the great ideas and suggestions coming and we’ll keep improving TalkShoe!

Lee Douglas — 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll

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 Lee Douglas – 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll

Fifteen months ago, Lee Douglas began to translate his love for the music of the 50’s and 60’s lovingly called Oldies, into a new medium, the pod cast. Together with the folks at Talkshoe.com, he began his venture into the new medium. Just retired from teaching he decided to turn in his chalk for a microphone.

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iJustine’s BIGGEST Talkcast ever on TalkShoe

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Let’s create the BIGGEST Talkcast ever  (even bigger than Leo’s!), with Justine (iJustine) Ezarik. She’s already been doing Talkcasts on Sundays at 8:45 pm with hundreds of participants. Justine will be having some very special guests…stay tuned

We’re planning a BIG event where we want 1,000s of people to join in live.

When:  Sunday, December 16, 2007, 8:45 p.m. on TalkShoe.

Info:  Talkcast name “ijustine.tv“, phone number “724-444-7444“, Talkcast ID “46121“ 

What should you do?

1. Become a TalkShoe member and download TalkShoe live NOW, not right before the show when things will be crazy.

2. Go to Justine’s Talkcast page and Join In a bit before 8:45 pm

You can also just listen only (stream), or just call in with your mobile phone or ShoePhone

Facebook App from TalkShoe hits the Internet

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TalkShoe has created a facebook app so that your can list your Talkcast on a profile. Perviously when added to facebook with the widget badge, it only added it to your facebook feed and would not stay as more things where added to the feed. This application will always show up on your profile and allow visitors to your FB page to listen to your past recordings as well as see and participate when it is live.

Here is the link to add the FB app - http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?api_key=a2ad1a40df517f

Check out this NING page for details


BlogWorld Expo live continuous Talkcast

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Join TalkShoe at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas on November 8th and 9th. There will be a live Talkcast all day from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (PST). That’s 12 noon - 8pm EST. We’ll have live talking and chatting, with special guest iJustine

Talkcast ID#6 

TalkShoe Partners with Meebo

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(How to use TalkShoe on meebo, click here)

Meebo to Offer Live Group Voice Calling with Instant Messaging via the meebo Platform

(press contact at end of release)

Pittsburgh, October 30, 2007 - TalkShoe, the leader in Internet group voice conversations, discussions and live interactive podcasts, today announced a partnership with meebo, a leading website for instant messaging (IM).

meebo simultaneously announced the meebo Platform, a way to let developers integrate multi-user applications to connect users live with their friends. The first set of platform applications are Web-based communications applications including instant group voice calling from TalkShoe.

“TalkShoe’s live discussion and voice group calling application fits great into the meebo environment because it’s built to connect people with live voice communications,” said Dave Nelsen, President and CEO, TalkShoe. “The meebo Platform enables us to bring that capability to millions of people instantly.”

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NEW — Non Member Calling

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Some, but not all, of you know that there are now two (2) different choices to enter a Talkcast. There’s the traditional way where a participant signs up, chooses a PIN, and dials in. In this case their Display Name and profile info is shown. Hosts must enter this way.

The NEW way is to NOT SIGN UP as a member. Instead, you just call in, enter the Talkcast ID, and then 1#. That’s it! You’re in. If we recognize your area code with caller-ID, we’ll display something like “Pennsylvania” as your Display Name.

So with non-member calling, Free ShoePhone, mobile phone access, and listen-only streaming, we continue to make it easier to get live participants.

1-year Anniversary of Leo Laporte using TalkShoe

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It’s our 1-year anniversary of Leo Laporte using TalkShoe, and time to reminisce…

It was back in October 2006 when Leo Laporte of TWiT-TV first told us that he was planning to use TalkShoe. Leo, for those of you who don’t know, is the #1 podcaster in the world by most measures. We had a couple of weeks to prepare, and we had no idea what kind of traffic Leo would generate, and what part of our system would break. At that time, we didn’t (we do now!) for example have anyway to heavily load-test our system.

The BIG day came on November 5, 2006 when Leo and Amber (MacArthur) first went live …

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