TalkShoe Introduces “TalkShoe Cash” Program

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TalkShoe has introduced its TalkShoe Cash™ program which pays people to host podcasts (Talkcasts™), and to refer hosts. Users are paid for creating podcasts as well as for the number of people who listen to, download, or subscribe to their Talkcasts. In addition, people are paid to refer hosts.

TalkShoe Cash Program details
Hosts are paid up to $5.00for each Talkcast episode created (up to 10 episodes) plus up to $4.00 for every 100 times people listen to, download or podcast.

People who refer hosts are paid 25% over and above each host’s earnings. News Article

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Check TalkShoe out on,1895,1986838,00.asp

Skypecasts compared to TalkShoe

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People have asked how TalkShoe compares to Skypecasts. Here’s a comparison.

- Multi-person voice conferences
- Directory listing
- Searching and browsing

Differences - TalkShoe includes:
- Recording calls
- Talking via telephone, cell phone, and VoIP or Skype
- Paying hosts based upon number of listeners
- Inviting people to a specific show
- Integrated chat

TechCrunch - TalkShoe’s Initial Product Launch

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TechCrunch:  TalkShoe - Host Podcasts by Phoe and Gets Paid

TalkShoe is a podcasting service and directory that combines recorded conference calls with revenue sharing for show hosts. It appears to be very simple to use and the community elements make me think this service could be successful…If the world really is changing to put user generated content at the center of media, some body’s going to find the right formula for audio. This looks like a move in the right direction.

Read the Article

Officially in BETA

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TalkShoe has officially entered BETA ( We’re now actively seeking people to join the Beta to try and test out our website. TalkShoe allows you to create both live and recorded conversations - Talkcasts - about any topic with other TalkShoe members, or your friends and family. You can speak (voice) and chat (computer) at the same time. Or you can listen to or podcast (soon) a recorded Talkcast. And when we go live in a month or so, you’ll be able to make money hosting Talkcasts.

Internet Advertising Report

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Results are in… (from Interactive Advertising Bureau & PwC) …

Internet Advertising for 2005: $12.5B which is up 30% over 2004

Rich Media (advertisements that include some component of streaming video and/or audio and interactivity, in addition to flash or java script ads, and can allow users to view and interact with products or services) is 8% of the total.

What exactly is a Talkcast(tm)?

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A Talkcast(tm) is a new way to talk and communicate using the Internet and/or your phone, to connect with other people. Lots of people can simultaneously get on a Talkcast using the TalkShoe website. They can talk, listen, and/or text chat with each other.

Why would people want to do this?
There are lots of reasons to host or join a talkcast. At it’s core it’s a way to find other people who want to talk about the same thing.
Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be an amateur talk show host, and interview people.
Or talk with people after “the game” and voice your opinions.
Or talk and chat with lots of your college buddies about old times.
Or form a political or psychology discussion group.
Or learn about something.
Or discuss a book with a book club.
Or talk to a celebrity.
Or create a new dating game.
Or just talk.

So what’s the difference between a Talkcast and a phone conference call?
Sure, you could use TalkShoe to create a free conference call with people you know. In fact, that’s a good reason to use the website. But a talkcast adds lots of features you don’t have in a conference call. First, every Talkcast has a host. Ever been on a multi-party conference call with nobody in charge? That’s right, it’s chaos. Having a host keeps the conversation on topic. The host of a talkcast can mute or even censor people who are taking over the conversation or using unwanted profanity. Second, a talkcast gets people together who want to talk about the same thing, and brings people together who probably don’t know each other. Third, a talkcast visually shows who’s talking, by flashing their name. Finally, a talkcast can be recorded so that you, or anyone else who visits the website can listen to, or download that talkcast to their iPod.

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