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ATTENTION HOSTS - Beta Program for Direct Dial Phone Numbers (Eliminates need for Participants to enter Call ID & PIN)

Show Hosts can now obtain a unique Direct Dial Phone Number which will enable callers to their Show to be connected directly into the Show without entering a Call ID or Personal Identification Number (PIN)! This capability has been developed at the request of members of the TalkShoe User Community.

This is new capability is now being offered to Show Hosts under a Beta Program. There are a limited number of Direct Dial Phone Numbers available under the Beta Program. Numbers will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Once a Direct Dial Number is assigned to a Show it will remain associated with that Show as long as the subscription and program are maintained. The price is $24 per month payable through PayPal. The subscription to the Direct Dial Phone Number capability is on a month-to-month basis. No long term commitment to continue with the subscription is required. The Direct Dial Phone Number capability works with both public and private (unlisted) Calls.

HOW IT WORKS - When a participant calls a Show’s Direct Dial Phone Number while the Show is live, the participant will be connected directly into the Show without being prompted for Call ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN). If the participant is calling from a phone with caller id activated and that phone number is previously registered with a User Id in the TalkShoe system, the participant will be logged in and registered in the chat room etc. under that User Id. If caller id is not activated or the participant is calling from a phone that is not associated with a TalkShoe User Id, they will be registered as a Guest (just as if they pressed 1# when calling in to the main TalkShoe phone number). If the Direct Dial Phone Number is dialed when the Show is not Live, the caller will hear the normal TalkShoe prompt requesting that they enter a Call Id (for a currently Live Show). Direct Dial Phone Numbers can be associated with one Call ID or as many as five Call IDs. There is no initial setup charge for a Direct Dial Phone Number and at that time, one to five Call IDs can be specified. After the initial setup, each request to add or remove Call IDs from association with a Direct Dial Number requires payment of $10 maintenance fee.

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE - For further information regarding the process to subscribe, send an email message to:


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