A HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOU! - 80% DISCOUNT on Advanced Premium Training for Hosts (now $4.99!)- Thursday Dec 9th ONLY - 7pm EST - click for details and signup

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YES, TALKSHOE HAS A HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOU! - A ONETIME ONLY 80% DISCOUNT on Advanced Premium Training for Hosts - Thursday December 9th ONLY - 7pm EST

SIGN UP NOW to attend the new ADVANCED PREMIUM fee based on-line training program FOR ONLY $4.99!!! (Regular price is $24.99)

This training program is being offered on Thursday December 9th from 7-9pm Eastern Time - ie a single 2 hour session!

The following topics will be included:

* Connecting to TalkShoe via VOIP/SIP (free X-Lite & Skype Out)
* Improving Performance and Response Time via TalkShoe Live Pro
* Enabling Professional Capabilities via vEmotion (intros, outros, local recording, etc.)
* Advantages of a Direct Dial Number
* Local Recordings - Why and How
* Editing Audio Files (Audacity & intros, outros, recordings, sound effects, etc.)
* Finding Royalty Free / Podsafe Music
* The Use and Non-Use of Licensed and Copyrighted Material
* Hosting Resources - And Where to Get More Help
* Arranging for Premium TalkShoe Features & your free premium with this training

A Question and Answer segment will be held at several points during the 2 hour training session. The fee for this Advanced Premium Online Training is $24.95.

1) Send an email to training@talkshoe.com indicating your interest in signing up for this Advanced Permium Training (TS-TRNG201). This will enable details of the session to be communicated to you via return email.
2) Send payment of your Advanced Premium Training fee through PayPal by clicking on the link below and following the directions. (TalkShoe uses PayPal to accept training fees.) Once you access this link you will see that your payment can be made directly from a PayPal Account (i.e. if you already have one or if you want to create one) or through a major credit card. The instructions for both options are shown on the page. Here is the link:


This training was created in response to TalkShoe User requests.

We look forward to having you join this Advanced Premium Online Training session!

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