LIVE NOW - Be a Part of the 24hr “Voipathon - Online Communities Changing the World” - Begins March 26 - click for details

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Voipathon - Broadcast for 24 Hours - Live on TalkShoe under Show ID 22622 - (The “Voip Users Conference” Call) - Begins March 26th at 3am!


The theme of the Voipathon is: “Online Communities Changing the World”.

Voipathon is a simple idea: To unite people from as many parts of the world (and time zones) in a 24 hour long discussion about the Internet, voice over the Internet and how communities can and do use these tools.

We will talk about:
 ways to connect your voices together (including free phone calls)
 ways to get around obstacles to voice connections put in place in some countries
 communities that use the Internet to make the world a better place
 keeping the Internet free of censorship by spreading understanding of the principles of freedom

We will hear from:
 People from all corners of the planet sharing their experiences
 Experienced telephony users who can help you make a connection, free
 Members of communities who are helping improve lives everywhere

Visit the Voipathon web site at:

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