February Member Update

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Happy February to you (it is definitely a happy month here in Pittsburgh since the SuperBowl). Three updates from TalkShoe:

Seeking Two Friends to Become Famous

1) I admit that this idea is a bit wacky and definitely not for everybody but it’s amazing what goes viral in this crazy Facebook-YouTube-Twitter-TalkShoe world, so here goes… If you have a good friend who you talk with frequently on the phone, we’ll help make both of you famous. How? Just hold every phone call as a public TalkShoe call (no interaction with listeners) and we’ll promote it to the world! You need only do what you already do; just talk to each other using TalkShoe and let the world just listen along. Get the full details here: Famous Friends!

Run Your Own Community Conference Call, Talkcast, or Party Line

2) If you haven’t yet hosted your own Talkcast, Community Conference Call, or Party Line yet on TalkShoe, here are simple instructions to help you get started: Step-by-Step Instructions.

On-Demand Group Calls Using Just Your Phone

3) You can now run your TalkShoe calls using just your telephone keypad, and you can do so without any advance scheduling. Get the details here: Telephone TouchTone Commands.

As always, with TalkShoe I’m sure that you’ll enjoy talking with others who share your interests!

Dave Nelsen - Founder

P.S. – If you’ve forgotten your TalkShoe password, click here to retrieve it: Recover my Password.

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