NEW “On-Demand” Talkcasting

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With the New Year, TalkShoe has launched On Demand Talkcasting®, an enhanced version of the Instant Talkcasting capability released just last month. Thanks to your feedback, now it’s even more like Twittering® with your voice (and optionally, up to 300 friends’ voices too). Grab your cell phone, call into TalkShoe, run your live On Demand Talkcast and — zoom — it’s available to the world. How cool is that?

As before, you can do a movie review as you leave the theater, inform your audience about a breaking news story, or tell your friends about a hot new restaurant while the taste is still on your tongue, and now it’s even easier!

You’ll need a TalkShoe account and an existing Call Series to get started. To configure it for “On Demand” operation, go to the Call Series page (where your recordings are shown):

1) Click the “Update” tab.

2) Check the box labeled “Create Episode on Demand”.

3) Optionally, check the “Automatic” recording choice to have recording start when you connect (and end automatically when you disconnect).

4) Save your changes.

Then you’re set. Just call into TalkShoe normally. Your call will go live automatically each and every time. By the way, you can also control a variety of Talkcasting functions from your phone:

… *2*1 – Starts the recording (if not set for automatic mode)
… 50# - Mute All (except the host)
… 51# - Unmute All
… *6 – Self mute/unmute (works for host and for individual participants)
… *2*1 – Ends recording
… Hang-up – ends audio streaming

Two final tips: a) If you set your PIN to match your cell phone number, you’ll be logged in automatically after entering just your Call ID, and b) If you have your audience opt for text alerts, they’ll receive a text message immediately when you start every On Demand call (have them click the TXT ALRTS - SMASH button on your call page).

Thanks. Keep the great ideas and suggestions coming and we’ll keep improving TalkShoe!

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