System is Functioning Normally

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Call recordings (MP3s) are now posting normally. Most delayed recordings from the past 24 hours are now available. The few remaining stragglers will be available within about an hour (by 3:30 PM EDT on 9/30/08). MP3 file upload is also now working normally.

Temporary System Problems (Minor)

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TalkShoe is currently experiencing a problem posting recordings. Calls are recording normally but resulting MP3 files will not be posted until late evening on 9/30/08. Further, MP3 file upload is also unavailable until that time. This problem may also affect your ability to edit call descriptions.

Power Failure Recovery

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Yesterday, 9/28/08, TalkShoe’s data center provider suffered some type of power system outage that we are still working to understand. Since this data center maintains redundant power feeds, battery back-up, and on-site diesel generators, in theory this should never happen. However, when it comes to electronics, theory does not equal practice. As CEO of TalkShoe, I have asked to meet in person with the president of our data center provider to understand what happened and how they intend to prevent from recurring it in the future.

All TalkShoe functions were restored last night (Sunday) between 9 & 10 PM EDT, with a few minor exceptions. RSS regeneration is not yet operational, nor is pre-recorded episode UPLOAD. Please bear with us as we bring these last few functions back on line. My sincere apologies for any impacts on your shows. With the improvements of the past several months, TalkShoe’s service has achieved best-in-class reliability. We intend to keep it that way.

Lots More TalkShoe Phone Ports; and Two BIG Milestones

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Today, TalkShoe activated 33% more telephone voice ports in our system. It’s a big step forward because lately on about one-third of all evenings our system was reaching full capacity (not the whole night mind you; but occasionally for a several hour stretch). Who knew so many online groups would want to talk. So now even more people can do it – up to 300 people simultaneously on every individual call (try it; it’s amazing to join a call that big).

Which got me to wondering, how many people are we talking about? I checked the TalkShoe system stats and guess what? Since the start of last year, there have been more than 12 million minutes of phone callers. This number is measured by an independent third-party and doesn’t even include voice-over-IP (VoIP) or ShoePhone callers. And during that same period, there were more than 16 million unique listens. That is to say, we never count the same person listening to the same recording twice (advertisers appreciate this kind of credible reporting).

Keep up the great work everybody. By the way, my favorite new call series on TalkShoe is… 81342 (Parkinson’s Disease Talk Live). What a cool use of TalkShoe.

Dave Nelsen, Founder

TalkShoe Show Wins NATIONAL Contest as BEST PODCAST!

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Congratulations to hosts Heidi and Fanshen and their participants in the Mixed Chicks Chat, a weekly Community Call on TalkShoe which was selected today by judges as the BEST PODCAST in the country (out of more than 9,400 entries; WOW!!) in the fourth annual national Black Weblog Awards competition!

Check out the podcast here: Mixed Chicks Chat and the official announcement here: 2008 Black Weblogs Awards. Or visit their homepage here: Mixed Chicks Website.

Like the rest of us, Heidi and Fanshen are just “regular” folks. They’ve shown what can be achieved with a little passion and planning. Amazing, and well done!!!

TalkShoe Based on Technology Built for NASA

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TalkShoe is a wonderful way to actually talk with your online groups… or to broadcast yourself to the world. If you haven’t visited in a while, check out all of the latest features at including:

:arrow: A one-click version of TalkShoe Live (no download required);
:arrow: Guest participation (no sign-up required);
:arrow: Host controls to block and enable text chat (in addition to voice);
:arrow: Phone-only request to talk (*8);
:arrow: Fully integrated Facebook application;
:arrow: Badges and players for your blog, your website, MySpace, Ning, etc.;
:arrow: A last episode player; and lots more.

By popular demand, we’ll be adding 33% more telephone ports so that every call can have up to 300 simultaneous callers (by September 30).

As a bonus for everyone who’s read this far, the first 25 people who send email to indicating their Call ID will get a free “Featured” listing on TalkShoe for the next 30 days. Have fun talking!


P.S - Oh, you’re still wondering about the NASA connection? The voice technology at the core of TalkShoe was developed by Compunetix for NASA to do space shuttle mission control with up to 4,000 callers per conference. Later, it was expanded to support up to 10,000 callers per conference. As TalkShoe hosts look to do ever larger calls, we’ll open up even more than 300 simultaneous phone ports per call. Just keep building your audiences. :cool:

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