Dave will be attending Boston Social Media Meetup on 1/31

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Dave Nelsen (TalkShoe Founder/CEO) will be attending the Boston Social Media/Blogger MeetUp this Thursday at 1/31. The MeetUp will be starting around 6:30 PM at Vox on 755 Boylston Street in Boston. Click here for more information.

Hope to see you there!

The New TalkShoe - a message from the CEO

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A message from the CEO - Dave NelsenI’m extremely excited to tell you about our new release. We’ve de it much easier for you and your online friends and communities to all TALK together. How much easier you say?Now there’s no need to sign-up or download, so EVEN NON-MEMBERS can call in to talk or text chat with JUST ONE CLICK.Imagine deeper group connections with up to 250 people on phones and computers talking, text chatting, and listening. We’ve also made it a lot easier to start your own show to voice your ideas and interact with listeners. Click here to get started: And be sure to return every evening after 7:00 PM when the site starts seriously shaking — there’s more live interaction than ever! You can get to the new TalkShoe Live web version by going to the profile page of any live call and clicking the button labeled TalkShoe Web (NOTE: you can get to the profile page by clicking on the show title text on any listing).

Dave Nelsen - Founder

P.S. - And now firewalls can’t block your communication so you can even use TalkShoe at work.

New TalkShoe Release. No Download Required!

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Today (Jan 8th 2008) TalkShoe released a new version of software highlighted with a Web Based version of TalkShoe live. This new client (see below) requires no download and is a one click option from any web browser. The client enables both participates to join in and host to start and run their calls. Guest do not even have to register to join in the chat or call in on the phone. The download version is still available for use of ShoePhone and more robust chat. See below for other key new features.

New TalkShoe Live (web based)

New Home page: Talkshoe.com now has a new look home page. The page has a much simpler look and contains up to 10 live calls that hosts have dialed into. The call images are larger and provide a one click option to launch into TalkShoe Live.

New Home page

Automatic Recording: TalkShoe now allows you to setup your call to be automatically recorded when you dial in. This means the recording will start as soon as you call in and will end when you hang up. You can set the recording type on the creation or update of your call (see image below). By default the recording type is sent to manual, which will allow the host to start and stop the recording using the TalkShoe live web client or classic.

Auto Record feature

Simpler Create Flow: The Create button now takes hosts to a simpler screen that they can either create a new call or add episodes to existing calls they have already created. This can all be done from one screen now. The flow is simpler as well, so hosts can just set a few options and click “Start Now” to be up and running. No need to go to any schedule or invite screens. The advance options are hidden to make it easier for first time users.

Other Features Include:
Improved reliability
Improved forum at Talkshoe.ning.com
Expanded Scale (have more people join your call, up to 250 at one time)
Guest login for chat. No need to have people sign up to chat or call in
Un-categorized call. No need to setup your call as a podcast
Much much more….

Lee Douglas — 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll

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 Lee Douglas – 100th Show Milestone for Old Time Rock n Roll

Fifteen months ago, Lee Douglas began to translate his love for the music of the 50’s and 60’s lovingly called Oldies, into a new medium, the pod cast. Together with the folks at Talkshoe.com, he began his venture into the new medium. Just retired from teaching he decided to turn in his chalk for a microphone.

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