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Hello TalkShoe Users!

TalkShoe now has lots of badge player widgets available for you. What’s a widget? It’s a small “player” for any Talkcast - not just your Talkcasts. The widget lists all previously recorded shows, upcoming shows, and highlights when a Talkcast is LIVE. It’s one of the best possible ways to get your, or anyone else’s Talkcast listened to, and increase Live participation.

Go to ANY Talkcast page (find one now) and click on “Create a Badge”. It’s really easy. You can add widge ts to your blogs, websites, and social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Windows Live, Typepad, Blogger, Netvibes, Friendster, Ning, etc. Why not create one right now!

Also…by this time next week, you’ll be able to stream live audio directly from the widget player!! LEARN MORE ABOUT WIDGETS

Announcing Non-Member Call In. Allows any person, member or non-member, to call into a talkcast without every needing to go to TalkShoe. Just hit 1# after entering the Talkcast ID.

Best regards — Max T.


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