Lynn Swann for Governor Campaign to use TalkShoe

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Uses Include Live and Recorded Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Pittsburgh, PA- October 1, 2006 - TalkShoe has announced that the Lynn Swann for Governor Campaign is currently using its technology to create live and recorded podcasts. The campaign will be creating both live in-person and virtual town hall meetings. The live podcasts, which TalkShoe calls TalkcastsTM, are a unique way for Lynn Swann to reach a broad audience of voters. Many people can call in via telephone or Skype to join a live town hall meeting. In addition, people can simultaneously stream the meeting to their desktop PCs. Recordings of the events are available on the TalkShoe website (, iTunes, and other podcast directories. The podcast can also be listened to using iPods and MP3 players.

“Using podcasting illustrates Lynn Swann’s views on technological innovation and change for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said the Swann for Governor Campaign. “In addition, TalkShoe as a company is a prime example of the type of entrepreneurship and job creation that Lynn Swann’s administration will foster.”

“Live and recorded podcasting will enables Lynn Swann and other politicians to reach a new generation of Internet podcasters,” commented Mark Juliano, senior vice president with TalkShoe. “Podcasting over the Internet represents a new way to reach constituents and voters.”

About TalkShoe

TalkShoe enables people and organizations to create live and recorded podcasts (called TalkcastsTM). Anyone can listen, and anyone can become the host of their own Internet talk show. Uses include live talk shows, meetings, discussion groups, podcasts, conferences and friends and family chats. Talkcasts are also recorded and available on the TalkShoe website and other podcast directories. TalkShoe is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and can be reached at 724-935-TALK (8255) or by email at


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