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September 29, 2008

Power Failure Recovery

Posted in: What's New

Yesterday, 9/28/08, TalkShoe’s data center provider suffered some type of power system outage that we are still working to understand. Since this data center maintains redundant power feeds, battery back-up, and on-site diesel generators, in theory this should never happen. However, when it comes to electronics, theory does not equal practice. As CEO of TalkShoe, I have asked to meet in person with the president of our data center provider to understand what happened and how they intend to prevent from recurring it in the future.

All TalkShoe functions were restored last night (Sunday) between 9 & 10 PM EDT, with a few minor exceptions. RSS regeneration is not yet operational, nor is pre-recorded episode UPLOAD. Please bear with us as we bring these last few functions back on line. My sincere apologies for any impacts on your shows. With the improvements of the past several months, TalkShoe’s service has achieved best-in-class reliability. We intend to keep it that way.

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